Slide 1 Versitale platform lifts and solutions BARDUVA was founded in 1996. The company specializes in the production of Vertical Platform Lifts, Open platform Lifts, Hangar Doors, Pergolas and other products Platform lifts Slide 1 Stylish PERGOLAS and accessories Make your backyard a favorite place to spend your time. With our pergolas and huge range of accessories it will be lifechanging experience About pergolas Slide 1 PATIO COVERS Make your backyard a favorite place to spend your time. With our PATIO ROOF COVERS PATIO COVERS Slide 1 Sun screens To protect your pergola from harsh sun – we offer you automatic high quality sun shades, screens, window blinds for inside and outside Sun screens Slide 1 Hangar doors. Security & comfort Professional doors for your property. Any size and dimensions. Garage or huge multi-door hanger. hangar doors
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Was founded in 1996. Continuous improvement, production capacity expansion, modern technologies and skilled workers’ efforts enable us to offer our production.

We are committed to customer satisfaction, long-term partnership and product reliability by ensuring quality at each design, technological preparation, production and service stage. Periodic training of personnel, proper maintenance of equipment and tools, inspections and other procedures help to ensure that our production complies with the applicable standards.

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Our products

Platform & vertical lifts

Custom lifts, platform lifts


Patio roofs & addons

Patio covers

Aluminum roofs for your patio or terrace

Sun screens

Control your environment

Hangar doors

Any size in any place


What Can We Offer

Design & Planning

We will help you to get the result you dreamed of.

Custom Solutions

Individual, aesthetically stunning solutions for customers.

Software and hardware

We create and produce our product design lines.

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