[Aluminum profile roofs for terraces ]


If you like the idea of a glass porch, but do not want the terrace to be completely enclosed, an aluminum patio covering with polycarbonate or glass filling can be a great solution to feel the open sky. With this type of terrace roof, you can enjoy unlimited views and watch the clouds fly or stars shine at night.

Comfortable outdoor living spaces are very popular with homeowners and prospective buyers because they increase the value of the home as well as the overall square footage of the home.

The simplified, minimalist polycarbonate or glass roof is perfect for any type of house, from the most modern to the rustic, or a house with large shop windows. The roof can be produced from 16 mm polycarbonate or 6 mm safety tempered glass, so you can enjoy the outdoor space knowing that your patio will withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Features of aluminum profile roofs:

  • Durable and lasting aluminum construction;
  • 16 mm polycarbonate or 6 mm tempered glass;
  • Integrated rain drainage system;
  • Extremely easy assembly and installation;
  • Light transmission;
  • Protection from different natural conditions (rain, wind, snow and etc.);
  • Increases home functionality;
  • Expands useful area.

Polycarbonate Patio Covers

Polycarbonate roof panels let in filtered light but block the sun’s heat and reflect it back into the sky instead of allowing it to enter the interior of the patio. This is an extremely durable polycarbonate patio system that uses „full seam“ roofing panels. The roof is made of sturdy structural fasteners, making this type of roof ideal for even wind and snow zones.

Advantages of having polycarbonate roof covers:

  • Strength and robustness. It can withstand even the strongest impact without harm. It is also very durable and elastic. This makes polycarbonate panels a great choice for patio roofing;
  • Easy installation. Polycarbonate panels are lightweight and easy to operate, making these panels mush easier to install than wood or glass panels;
  • Weather resistane. Changing weather conditions affects the outdoor roofing the most, so the roofing material should be able to withstand changing weather conditions. Polycarbonate can withstand the harshest weather conditions without worrying about roof blisters or sun fading;
  • Light transmission. Polycarbonate transmits more light than ordinary glass. Due to this light transmittance feature, polycarbonate is an excellend choice for outdoor patios;
  • UV protection. Polycarbonate panels allows to penetrate only useful sunlight. So being under such polycarbonate roof is completely safe for you and your body.

Glass Patio Covers

Single tempered safety glass is a simple solution for natural light on the terrace. This type of roof will protect you from snow, rain and rubbish, while providing natural light all year round, without creating shadows or obscuring other living spaces.

The glass roof provides clean, modern look, allowing maximum illumination of the space. The glass roof is made of tempered glass, which is a type of safety glass treated with controlled heat treatment to increase its strength compared to ordinary glass. All roofs are designed to withstand snow loads.

The aluminum construction with a glass roof gives a clean, modern and minimalist look, which allows you to illuminate the room with maximum sunlight and protect your space from adverse natural phenomena.

Advantages of having glass roof covers:

  • 6 mm storio thickness tempered glass. It is a heat-treated glass with a mechanical resistance 5 – 6 times highr than ordinary glass;
  • Integrated water  drainage system in the poles;
  • Aluminum construction can be painted in any color of your choise from the RAL paint palette;
  • Modern, simplified construction;
  • Transparency. The roof is completely transparent to light, so artificial light sources will be used inside the room very rarely;
  • Glass roofs have extremely smooth surfaces. They are completely flat, so rain and snow will always run away from it;
  • Easy maintenance.