[Patio roofs, sunshades, pergolas ]


Outdoor living Pergola is the best solution to enjoy the outdoors rest in any weather all year round. Pergolas are characterized by attractive design, modern aesthetic solutions and durability. This well known solution system for outdoor terraces and pergolas is perfect for homes and commercial premises according to your desires.

Every single outdoor living Pergola is produced according to individual order and tailored to your specific needs. Choose a patio roof with blinds or fabric, which you can easily pull back or close again.

Pergola’s construction is very easy to mount and is resistant to all weather conditions. There are no any specific requirements for their construction. Can be built up and completed in a separate area of the house or outdoor area. By mounting patio roof, you will create additional outdoor space or increase the are of the house. Pegola can be installed on the structural elements of an already installed house or specially adapted structures, or it can be an independent recreation area.  

Pergola protects the terrace area not only from the sun but also from the rain. With a particularly durable impregnated fabric, the terrace are can be  protected from rain and sun not only from above but also from the sides. Accumulated water does not flow through the fabric and drains from the roof through specially equipped drain poles.

From many frame, blinds or fabric colors, you will create the desired pergola. It will definitely be a cozy and comfortable corner for your rest. LED lighting will provide additional comfort and coziness. Heating will allow you to relax on cool evenings, blinds will protect the sides of pergola from the wind and sun, through speakers you will be able to listen to your favorite music and other various sensors will help you to control the sun protection automatically.