Bioclimatic pergolas AB710 and AB770 are one of the most modern and weather – resistant outdoor patio roofs, even the imperceptible.  Modern and functional aluminum contruction with different roof louvers positions  will become the most perfect choice for those who wants to have particularly modern and weatherproof outdoor space. Various patio roof options especially useful after the sunset as you can turn your pergola into a cozy outdoor space. Pergola can be built up in the territory of individual residential houses and in the outdoor areas of commercial, hotel or restaurant areas. This is the best solution for those who wants to enjoy the terrace in any weather or time of the day.

Bioclimatic pergola stands out with its straight and refines lines. All technical elements – mounting bolts, control cylinders, power cables and etc. are carefully disguised so as not to be visible. The modern and durable pergola adds value to the home and is suitable even in a classic style environment.

All bioclimatic pergola roofs have have minimum slope, so no rainwater accumulates. It flows into the beam through the special grooves in the gutter system and flows down through the poles. Special gutter system buit into the roof profiles prevents rain from flowing through the edges of the roof. Pergola’s roof is very airtight, so if it be left opened even with minimum edge, water will not get inside the terrace.

If you would like to enjoy the terrace all year round, its sides can be covered with wind and rain resistant integrated screens. Then the cozy terrace will delight not only the residents of private homes, but also will attract more visitors to outdoor cafes or restaurants. Covered sides with sunscreens provides the ideal protection from gusty wind and dazzling sun.

Take full advantages of the sun and enjoy the benefits of this elegantly designed pergola. In the middle of the summer season, you can tilt the louvers completely and let in as much light and fresh air as possible through the left gaps. With bioclimatic pergola you can admire the nice autumn and winter day with lots of sun or a cloudy sky and a little fog. For cool evenings or cold autumn and winter days, heat can be provided by additional infrared heaters. During the dark evenings and nights LED lighting built into the roof structures will spread coziness, and integrated Bluetooth audio speakers will allow you to enjoy the pleasant music.

Advantages of AB710 Bioclimatic pergola

  • Waterproof louvers
  • During the rain, water does not accumulate in louvers as it flows over the roof and through the poles
  • Sun and rain resistant light aluminum construction
  • The sunlight flow is regulated by rotating louvers

Advantages of AB770 Bioclimatic pergola

  • Pergolas are modular type. Several modules can be connected during installation
  • Louvered roof can slide fully open
  • Opened roof louvers will comprise only 13% of the total surface
  • Effective protection from the sun, UV radiation, wind and rain
  • The loght flow is regulated by turning the louvers
  • The terrace can be enjoyed all year round with integrated screens on sides

Technical information

Maximum dimensions

7 m x 4 m arba
6 m x 4,5 m (single roof)

7 m x 7 m (Double roof)


Can be coupled

Mounting type



Built-in roof




Available in a wide range of colours, they are suitable for all types of terraces. Micro-perforated fabrics allow the air to pass while protecting against the heat and allowing natural light into the home. They give a sensation of freedom, preserving the outside view. Waterproof fabrics offer total protection against UV, heat and bad weather.

Operation and controls

Remote control. We offer the range of remote controls for operating shutters, blinds, screens and awnings. Remote controls come with several functions: centralised control, timers, individual or multi-device control, slat adjustment, intuitive interface etc. Find the perfect remote control for you!

Smart App. You can control the ZIP Screens or louvers in your motorized pergola by using the Smart home control. Its wireless radio communication makes it a breeze to adjust your ZIP Screens or Pergola using the App.  


RAL 9016 White
RAL 7016 Architectural grey
Aditional colors: RAL colors



Give yourself more convenience and choose sensors that will automatically control your patio roof or awning. It’s always safe, even when you’re not home.

LED Lighting

Enjoy the outdoors longer thanks to atmospheric, sustainable and efficient LED lighting. When the evening falls, turn on the mood lighting simply with the push of a button. The cosy glow provides the ideal circumstances for sitting outside until the early hours

Screens (surface-mounted or built in)

To make the entire terrace covering roof windproof, you can close the front and sides with screens, which form the ideal combination with a patio roof. The screens are firmly mounted in the side rails so that the wind does not stand a chance.

Patio heating

Thanks to the pleasant radiant heat, you can also enjoy the garden on cooler evenings and during all seasons. The stylish terrace heating spreads a comfortable warmth under your pergola or awning and is available in a white, black or anodized version

Built-in electrical socket.

A built-in electrical socket is indispensable these days for those who like to spend time outdoors. A must for anyone who wants to charge all their electrical devices on the terrace: laptops, kitchen equipment, mobile phones)

Outdoor speakers / Bluetooth speakers

Time to create atmosphere and cosiness. Listen to your favourite music on your terrace while enjoying a tasty drink with your friends or grilling steaks. The built-in speakers are extremely easy to control via Bluetoothe and are completely waterproof