Sun-resistant ZIP screens are very practical as they perform many functions: protects from heat, are ideal for modern individual houses with large windows or apartments, and commercial or industrial premises. These outdoor blinds can be specially used and for outdoor spaces as well, such as balconies, terraces, outdoor cafes or restaurants. Other types of outdoor blinds have some certain restrictions but ZIP screen blinds is the main solution for all outdoor zones protection from different weather conditions: protection not only from the hot sun, but and from water or inclement weather.  ZIP screens roller system is extremely resistant to strong winds and comply with the highest wind resistance classification standards, applicable to vertical measures from the sun.

All sun-resistant screens are manufactured according to the individual customer requirements. It means that you can customize their color and material. With these screens there are no any gaps left as fabrics is optimally tensioned. They are ideal for private homes and commercial facilities as well, where privacy or protection from climatic conditions are required.

ZIP sun screens are characterized by high quality sun-resistant blinds fabric that does not wrinkle or bend. Thanks to innovative technologies, they are particularly resistant to all different weather conditions and are easy to clean and maintain. The exceptional density of the fabric does not limit the view from the inside, and insects or pests cannot get inside it. Thanks to unique „zipper“ technology, these blinds can be used not only for windows, but also to cover terraces or be installed as mobile walls.

ZIP sun screens can be used in new a construction and renovation projects, attached to an installed or existing structure. Easy to control with remote control or even smartphone.

Modern sun-resistant blinds provides maximum effect. Inside, it provides protection from light and heat, but does not completely obscure the space. Resistant to even most difficult weather conditions, corresponds to the building size and design. With the innovative sunscreen products, which we produce, you won’t have to make any compromises in choosing the best protection from the sun. These outdoor blinds will perfectly meet all your expectations – you will not be disappointed!

Outdoor blinds perform many functions and according to the season optimizes the internal temperature volume. By not allowing direct sunlight during the summer time, the cost of indoor conditioning is reduced. During the night time cool air is used to condition the air inside of the area. Facade blinds allow to open windows for ventilation, preventing insects from the entering inside. Premises are protected from the sun and insects, but are optimally permeable to the air. In winter window blinds performs the reverse function: during the day time sunlight is used for interior heating, and during the night time lowered shields reduces the heat spread from the inside to the outside. This distinctive feature saves the heating costs as well.


  • Windproof ZIP screens
  • Effectively protects premises from direct sunlight and their heating during the summer time
  • Thanks to the unique “zipper” type system, fabric is optimally tensioned
  • Excellent climate control in your home
  • Wide selection of fabric and side profile colors

Sensors and Options

V2 MISTRAL – the sensor detects the wind speed and transmits this parameter to the connected controller by cable. If the wind starts to blow, it will be wrapped and will be protected from damage and will extend the service life of the awning.


V2 HURRICANE-RS  – the sensor detects the sun, wind and temperature parameters and transmits them by radio to the remote controller. If the SUN threshold is exceeded, an OPEN command is sent to the sunshade, whereas if the WIND threshold is exceeded, a CLOSE command is sent. It is a combined solar and wind sensor designed to automatically protect your property from overheating and wind damage. All you need to do is connect 230 V power to the sensor itself.


Remote control. We offer the range of remote controls for operating shutters, blinds, screens and awnings. Remote controls come with several functions: centralised control, timers, individual or multi-device control, slat adjustment, intuitive interface etc. Find the perfect remote control for you!

Smart App. You can control the ZIP Screens or louvers in your motorized pergola by using the Smart home control. Its wireless radio communication makes it a breeze to adjust your ZIP Screens or Pergola using the App.  



Color range. Standard colors:

  • RAL 9016 White with texture
  • RAL 7016 Textured anthracite

Optional colours: available all colours from RAL palette